Shepel Furniture

Furniture brand created by Alexandr Shepel, combines luxury and classics sophistication with modern functionality. First of all this is style and quality which are timeless and will always be on the top of designer’s priority. Creating a high-quality and carefully thought out interior design, in which every element looks harmonious and passes convinced atmosphere and idea – is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account not only aesthetic aspects but also the technical side, for example – wiring, pipes location, lighting scheme and many more. Designer has to start from initial information of the place: its area, ceiling height, condition of walls etc.


Only after getting acquainted with these aspects it is possible to offer interesting ways of visual filling of the rooms, which also includes a number of complex issues, starting from style that will be followed up by the common view of the building and finishing with the cover of the book on the highest bookshelf. Best interior designers will tell you that architecture is an art form, so even private apartment has to look integral and harmonious like a painting of the artist. Whatever it is – suprematism or academic painting, quality and high level of performance are the most important here. Should it be mentioned how the partnership in this area plays great importance? It is good when the performer knows where to buy designer furniture that will perfectly fit the interior and will follow the principle of ergonomics and functionality and will serve more than one generation.


Cooperation with partner companies can simplify creation of design on every level of design projecting, as it significantly narrows possible options to the most quality ones. Designer who knows where there is upholstery for people, oriented primarily on comfort, or conceptual furniture for those, who want to turn their homes into a kind of art-objects exhibition – is an experienced and fast designer who values client’s time and is aimed at achieving maximum results. In Alexandr Shepel Architecture and Design studio in Kiev we care that interior creates a coherent sense and gives comfort. Our partners are professionals in their field. They are interested in successful implementation of the project and positive assessment by the client. Cooperation with other companies is especially important for Alexandr Shepel – this includes mutually beneficial relationship, focused on improving productivity and quality of work.