Alexandr Shepel
Architecture and Design

Everything great and monumental starts from details.

Direction and vision of style turned in our studio into the pure philosophy starting from 2009. Since that time we have created and implemented dozens of architectural projects and works on interior design, and all of them have attention to details and full participation at all stages as the common feature: starting from the project development and till its maintenance. According to this involvement in details we got understanding of how to do everything right, that is why we not only listen to our clients’ wishes, but also help them divide and combine these wishes with a clear vision of future project. Significant experience in remote control allows us to implement projects in any part of the world, guaranteeing quality, compliance with deadlines and complete understanding of the tasks.


Modern interior can’t be created without partial or complete intervention of designer into development of the whole project or some of its elements. The fact is that design in living space, which would be comfortable for life and would satisfy aesthetic needs of the owners – is a difficult and laborious task. It is necessary to consider every detail and fit it into the overall concept of house. All main and incidental tasks can be performed at the highest level only by experienced designer who knows how to listen to the client’s needs and offer the most effective solutions based on that.


Alexandr Shepel has been dealing with architecture and design for about 10 years – more than a half of his adult life. During these years he has managed to bring into life dozens of projects of residential buildings and interior design projects of different complexity, working with clients who had a clear idea how their house should look like, as well as with those who didn’t even know what they needed and for what purposes. Nevertheless ability to find common ground even with the most demanding clients is an indicator of professionalism. Key principles that define Alexandr Shepel’s way of work are quality, comfort, style. And of course good style can’t be created in a hurry. Alexandr focuses on interior which looks prestigious, luxurious and sophisticated. He thinks that in an environment where fashion trends change every year, it is important to create design that will remain relevant for a long time.


Alexandr Shepel Architecture and Design studio provides architectural design and interior design project development, including creation of several sketches, 3D visualizations and schemes, informing the client about the whole volume of supposed works. Also additional service of design supervision is possible – designer will be present during key construction works, control over the construction process and quick resolution if any problems or emergencies arise. Because of that you don’t need to worry that any of details can be neglected.


Alexandr Shepel studio is based in Kharkiv, however the actual territorial scope of its activities is much broader – the capital and other cities of Ukraine and near abroad. Applying to Alexsandr Shepel Architecture and Design studio you can be sure that you apply to professionals.