Alexandr Shepel Architecture and Design studio

Quality and style will always be in fashion. This applies primarily to design and architecture, which form cultural and domestic space of a person and create conditions for life and development. Interior design studio Alexandr Shepel Architecture and Design makes sure that your home becomes implementation of style and comfort, where every element is in its place, carries out its practical function and creates luxury and comfort. We believe that everything great starts from details, so we control exterior and interior project development at all stages in order your house could look as mature, comprehensive work of art. When applying to Alexandr Shepel design studio, you can be sure that you cooperate with a professional, who has finished dozens of houses and has experience in working with a wide variety of projects: from private residences for large family to trendy bars in the city center. For him architecture is not a job, it is vocation to which he devotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result you get an individual project of house – demonstration of your view to beauty and comfort, where designer becomes a mediator. Therefore, common understanding between the client and the architect is an important aspect. It also depends on ability of the performer to get on the right side of the client. Alexander Shepel believes that formation and implementation of the project should bring as much pleasure to the client and to the performer as the finished project. Here, trust is the key point which promotes productive work. Without trust it is impossible to create comfortable and cozy home. You can apply with your ready ideas and a broad wish list or ask to make the place starting from scratch – a good designer will see a lot where it is said a little. Alexandr Shepel design studio is based in Kharkiv, but the architect doesn’t limit himself by some territorial boundaries. He makes design projects in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and even abroad. When applying to Alexandr Shepel Architecture and Design studio, you will get several options of sketches, 3D visualization, plans and schemes, which take into account all technical and visual aspects. If desired, client can choose design supervision service, to surely avoid any emergencies and delays during implementation of the project, readiness of which depends primarily on its complexity and client’s desires. Also you shouldn’t forget that quality requires thoughtfulness and attention to every stage of process.